That Time You Saw Me Bleeding (or October 7th, 2010)

Swirling the drain, the blood and disdain, this razor a vent for all that remains…

…of this self hatred I feel, all these years its congealed, to the point that it’s the only motherfucking thing that I feel.

Illusions, delusions, religious solutions…the voices in my head, products of so much pollution…

What’s left? What’s right? I’m trying to hold on tight…all I see is black…no end in sight.

I see your face. You saying, ‘It’ll be okay’. But there’s a doubt in your eyes that gives you away.

Do you remember when we met? I found peace in your arms. The voices were silent. A shelter from harm.

Do you remember our love? Night skies? Stars aflame? Nothing sweeter on my lips than the taste of your name.

Do you remember my blood? Lives turned upside down. My devils dancing as they watched me drown.

How the years pass. The scars remain. The pen shakes in my hand. Will it ever be the same?


– J.V. Roberts

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