Suicide Squad Vol 1: Pure Insanity (Review)



Thank you to DC Entertainment and Netgalley for allowing me to read an early copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

This is the Suicide Squad for a new generation. Here, they are known as Task Force X. Amanda Waller is joined by Mr. Sage in overseeing the team as they globe trot, taking on missions and taking out the bad guys.

This suicide squad has some familiar faces in Deadshot and Harley Quinn, but they’re also joined by a few new ones; Black Manta, Deathstroke, and Joker’s Daughter. Joker’s Daughter is my favorite addition to this group. She’s a ball of insanity, not unlike the joker. When there’s a fight, she’s the first in line to run in to it (whether the team wants her there or not), not out of any noble obligation, she just wants to fight and kill and cause chaos, she wants to make the Joker proud (wherever he is).

This is a great book for young teens that want an introduction to the Suicide Squad and what it’s all about. You get a brief intro on Amanda Waller. You learn who the Suicide Squad (Task Force X) is, what they do, how they do it, and how they are controlled. This book is, more than anything, a new origin story of sorts.

That was the one negative for me (and it’s not a big one), I wanted a deeper overarching story. But this book is a “mission of the week” style of storytelling and is basically a door that will (hopefully) lead to some deeper stuff down the line. Let me be clear, the missions they go on are exciting, and you’ll find yourself having a good time watching this group of anti-heroes get in and out of impossible situations. I was just hoping for something a little meatier. But this book is just setting the stage and it did a great job of leaving me wanting more.

The writing, by Sean Ryan, is breezy. The pace doesn’t let up. If you’ve got an afternoon on your hands you can tear right through these pages; it’s addictive stuff, and like I said earlier, it’s appropriate for young teens; there isn’t much adult content beyond some light profanity and some blood here and there.

The artwork is great. The variant covers in the back are a treat to go through once you finish the book, they really capture the different personalities of the characters involved..

My suggestion, pick it up, especially if you want an introduction to the Suicide Squad concept. Be aware that these aren’t all of the original members, this is a new squad with some of the old school members still attached. After reading this, go back and read the original Suicide Squad comics.

Looking forward to the next one.

4/5 stars


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