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Pretty simple title, right? Well, I haven’t blogged in 2017 and this will probably be my only blog this year, so it’s appropriate, I suppose. This is just going to be a stream of consciousness thing. I don’t have any outline or goal with this blog, I simply want to give you a glimpse into my year. 

It’s been kind of crazy. A whirlwind. There’s been good, bad, and ugly; I’m sure most of you can say the same. I released a book in January, The Glass Mountains. I’d planned to have the next one done in Summer, but that didn’t happen.


My mental health struggles, mostly. There were a lot of days this year where I was out of action. I don’t post about my day-to-day struggles on Facebook all that often and I really don’t care to complain for fear that it look as if I’m trying to elicit pity. But I’ve spent days crying, or staring at the ceiling feeling dead inside. Hell, I spent a few of my days in the back of an ambulance in full-blown panic attacks. The mental health struggle is hard, it’s a daily thing. And since it’s a battle with my mind and I need my mind to write…well, you see the conflict.

Be that as it may, I’ve still gotten work done. I’m closing in on 60 thousand words written for the latest novel and I’m actually in an upswing in terms of my overall mood. I’ve been really fighting hard with every tool at my disposal. I’ve also got some amazing readers that wait patiently and don’t rush the process; God bless them.

My exercise habits have changed a lot this year. I have always been big into strength training, but my interest in it has slowly waned. I’m more into getting out and just walking with my dog every day, sometimes twice a day. I live in a beautiful area. I like to get up and go out first thing, nothing to eat or drink, just grab the dog and throw my shoes on. It wakes me up and clears my head and really instills a sense of peace. I love it.

I’ve been trying to read more this year. I didn’t get to as many books as I wanted and I tend to bounce between books if something loses my interest. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction…biographies especially; other people’s lives fascinate me. People that have lived on the edge. I guess I live vicariously through them; though, God knows, I’ve done my fair share of razor-walking…still, you learn something from the experience of others.

Podcasts have been a big part of my life this year too. Joe Rogan is my go-to. Everyday. Usually when I’m cooking I’ll listen. He’s got one of my favorite minds. He’s not intimidated if he’s not the smartest guy in the room. He listens. He absorbs. He’s got no ego when it comes to his opinions and is willing to follow the evidence, no matter where it leads. I admire that and I too try to live my life in such a way. Sam Harris and The Drunken Peasants also have awesome podcasts, but I’m not a daily listener to either.

I took an awesome vacation this year. Vegas! I’ve been to some amazing places; Toronto ranks high on the list. But as much as I loved Toronto and the culture and just the way they present their city, Vegas did something special for me. It’s untamed. It’s beautiful. It’s luxurious. The food is fantastic. The shows are second-to-none. It spoke to who I am. And I shared it with amazing people; most notably my wife. It’s currently our favorite spot and we’re dying to get back there ASAP.

If I’ve learned anything from this year…it’s probably patience and how to love people better. It’s been a trying time for our country…a divisive time. I tend to be a passionate person and am known to left my views fly and the words I use to carry and communicate those views can often be covered in thorns. And I’ve had to learn how to temper that in the interest of preserving relationships with the people I love. Because, here’s the thing, long after Trump is president and debates on certain social issues have died down, these people are still going to be my friends (hopefully) and family and I value that more than the political issues of the day. There will always be political issues. But it’s not easy making friends…and you only get one family. So if the only thing standing between y’all is a difference in opinion, put that shit to bed and hug it out.

Anyway…wow…I’m already past 800 words and climbing. Definitely wrote this fast and loose, but hopefully you enjoyed catching up with me. Hopefully my next blog will be something a bit more substantive.


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