J.V. Roberts

The Glass Mountains: The Saboteur Chronicles Book 2

Dominic has two problems: the woman he loves has been taken, and he has a rapidly approaching date with the Hangman. 

“Wherever they take you, I’ll come for you.” That was the last thing he’d said to Lerah before the Rebels dragged her away. And now he’s locked in the deepest, darkest dungeon Genesis has to offer. Beaten down, betrayed, and chained to a wall, the chips are truly stacked against him. Dominic is a man of his word, but it’s hard to keep a promise when you’re trapped three-hundred feet below the earth’s surface.

Defense Minister Adams is facing a similar dilemma. Lerah is his daughter. And while he is no fan of the ex-Rebel soldier, he knows that Dominic might be the last hope he has of getting her back alive. There’s only one problem, the Lord Marshal is set on seeing Dominic swing. Trapped between his loyalty to the Union and his love for his daughter, the Defense Minister has a tough decision to make, one that may change the course of Genesis forever.

Bloody rivalries and murderous conspiracies take center-stage, war is waged, and the line between hero and villain disappears.