The Rabid: Fall

After a devastating assault from the Rabid turns Timmy’s world upside down, he finds himself on the road with two other survivors; Katia and Sonny.

The Saboteur Chronicles: The Fall of Man

After the bombs fell and the old world passed away, two sides emerged from the destruction: the Union and the Rebels. For years a great civil war raged, ending in a fragile truce. Now the Lord Marshal of the Union seeks to unite the land

The Rabid: Rise

The apocalypse is in full swing!
With their mother in the hands of The General, Timmy and Bethany find themselves isolated and on the run. But, it’s not just the Rabid hunting them.

The Rabid

The End is Here. As a mysterious virus begins turning people into violent, flesh starved monsters. Timmy Two-Step scrambles to…